Transform your data

Streamline Data Warehouse allows organizations to consolidate enterprise data onto a single platform.
Use the data to drive your decision making with dashboards or extend it with user generated forms.
The Streamline culture begins here.

Big Data

Extract data for ad-hoc analysis of massive data in seconds. Utilizing our advanced data engine you can analyze huge datasets quickly.

Data Quality

Integrate data across your organization so you can have confidence in the accuracy of your information and make better business decisions.

Connect to Your Data

Whether it’s in a spreadsheet, a SQL database, or a delimited file, you can connect to any data, anywhere.

Blend Sources

Unify your data so you can blend multiple sources to find the answers you need and tell the story you want.

Timely Access

Spend less time retrieving and compiling information and more time analyzing and answering questions.

Always Up-to-date

Say goodbye to outdated information. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the latest data with customizable refresh schedules.


No amount of marketing hype can mask a company’s ability to deliver products that meet and exceed customer expectations.
The following is a brief list of comments sent to us from our customers – business users such as yourself who don’t have time and money to waste.

In our day to day business we need to work with a lot of information and reports. We were constantly running into problems accessing the data we needed. Our accounting software just wasn't versatile enough. With Faceforward we were able leverage the data we already had into an easily viewable and customizable solution.

Bill C. Network Administrator

We needed a tool that provided us the right flexibility, features and ease of use so that we could spend our time making decisions with the information not creating it. Faceforward has proven to be just that solution. Combined with Faceforward's understanding of our industry and needs, I can’t think of a better or more affordable solution.

Rex L. Director of Sales and Marketing

We can now analyze data in ways we would never think to do in the past. We can more easily and effectively disseminate data to our sales reps, and people outside the office. Finally, being able to roll up data in the manner we want lets us make better decisions in dealing with both our growers and customers.

Jeff W. CFO

Faceforward has allowed us to better manage our inventory and our order fulfillment process. The overall improvement in our ability to accurately track our inventory allows for more efficient order fulfillment and gives our sales department the ability to accurately forecast product availability for our customers.

Bill K. IT Manager